Megan Geckler Lecture – 13 January 2016

Megan Geckler Installation


Megan Geckler’s practice is site specific installations. Educated and lives in San Francisco and exhibits mostly in the USA but increasingly globally…currently working on an installation at the Courtauld gallery.  Likes to activate a space and says she dances around the Art, craft and design space.  Has a conversation with space, embraces the architecture. The work uses the space, doesn’t dominate it, symbiotic with it.

Works hard to draw people into a gallery space to interact with a piece… they apparently move in front of your eyes and can be disorienting.  Always considering how to get people to walk into a space and investigate the piece further… and to invoke ‘Whoaaa… What’s that!’  Wants people to have a unique, physical experience on viewing her installations.

The works change dramatically from day to night and this is factored into the work. Light is a big consideration so always looks at the shadow effects of the tape.

Clients are a mix of corporate and Galleries… the latter allows for more creative work and the former is more profitable.  Corporate clients like her work to promote their brands at large conventions.

Work is immaculately produced, precision matters. Works are carefully worked out mathematically and used to help installations.


Megan Geckler - working drawings


Works cross into plynths, flat artworks hung on the wall and recently Megan has been dying ropes with different colours and creating hanging scultures.


MeganGeckler - detail


Galleries and corporate clients often have restrictions on making holes in walls so the installations will involve clever ways to hold the tape in place through precise positioning and knotting.


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