Tania Kovats Lecture – 27 January 2016




Tania Kovats

Tania Kovats was born and bred in Brighton and her practice encompasses sculpture, drawing, installation and large-scale time-based projects exploring our experience and understanding of landscape. Currently heading the MA drawing course at Wimbledon college of Art.

http://www.houldsworth.co.uk/artist-work/tania-kovats-1407921393 Accessed 31 January 2016

BA in Newcastle and MA Sculture at the RCA.  Educated at a Catholic school and influenced by this through her early work…particularly Catholic iconography.  The small sculpture of the Virgin Mary covered by a condom is a good example as well as sculptures in the shape of shrines.

Won many prizes and offered residencies and commissions on a regular basis from galleries and the corporate sector. Early work was about light… MA degree show was a wall that had been floated with neon lights fixed to the back giving the wall a halo on all sides and the viewer a ‘light’ experience.

Another strong element that runs through Tania’s practice is water and it appears in different forms from drawings, large scale sculptures of oceans reduced to welded metal cups (shown above), collections of bottles with samples of water collected from the seas around the world, (below two oceans meeting). Looked at seas as connected systems with an interconnected flow of water around the planet.

Recent digital drawings map the high tides around the UK coast, this was combined with the casting of a bell commissioned by the National Trust, a show at Somerset House and the ringing of the bell when the Thames hit high tide.


TaniaKovats_two seas meeting Sculpture


Her practice is constantly changing – forever curious she enjoys new experiences, likes to produce work that communicates to lots of different people and audiences. Some works have been driven by opportunity…. one thing leads to another. Seeing opportunities and taking them.

Likes to move in and out of the art and corporate worlds and not worried at building a reputation in one area and then changing things as opportunities take her in a different direction.  The thread that is constant is water and ‘vessels/containers’.




Drawing can involve haphazard processes such as the use of dyed salt water and the use of evaporation leading to results that can’t be controlled.

Very beautiful work with strong concepts based on research.  I particularly like the Ocean and seas work and the project taking a meadow from the country up to London on a barge.  The latter looked very peaceful…


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