Drawn by its own memory at the Laura Bartlett Gallery – 30 January 2016

Simon Fujiwara at Laura Bartlett Gallery
Simon Fujiwara – beast series
Drawn by its own memory at the Laura Bartlett gallery
‘Through processes of their creation, structure, size or relation to the surrounding gallery architecture, the works presented are imbued with a sense of physicality, tactility  of surface, the remnant workings of human hands or impressions of the body.  For other works included it is an absence of formal logic within the object that is key.  Drawing upon the subtlety of fluctuating forces, the minutiae of perception and the innate relationship we have with materiel, works transfer, exchange and share forms of intuitive knowledge, becoming a filter or conduit through the artist’s transferal of labour, energy and experience’. 
Lovely gallery space in the heart of Bethnal Green… it used to be an old umbrella factory and it still retains its Crittal window frames and the old ‘clocking in’ machine.

LarurBartlettGallery- clocking in machine


Lots of white space and light and the work looked good within the space.

Particularly liked the work of Simon Fujiwara’s Beast series where he has shaved and stretched fur coats to reveal what was once hidden.  Seems a sacrilegious thing to do to a beautiful fur coat and interesting when put in the context of the ‘Beauty without cruelty’ movement and the shaving of hair to shame women collaborators after the second world war.

Also liked the copper frame of Nina Canell which shows the ‘remnant iridescent fingerprints of the material’s previous encounters, revealed through a process of heat-treating the material’.


Nina Cannell at Laura Bartlet Gallery

Nina Canell – Free-space Path Loss, 2014


and the ‘Tetris’ like Phillip Zach’s tile constellations that appeared to randomly wander across the walls.  On close viewing their paint splattered and encrusted surfaces are very beautiful.  In the press release they describe his work as ‘acting as an interlocutor, an abstracted cipher in the deconstruction and calculation of the gallery architecture’.


Phillip Zach at Laura Bartlett Gallery

Phillip Zach – Tile constellations


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