Lucy Day Lecture – 9 February 2016


Fabric – 26 June – 1 October 2014.  Collyer Bristow Gallery


Day + Gluckman are Lucy Day and Eliza Gluckman, a curatorial partnership. From Museum-based exhibitions to collaborations with old master dealers, the duo have worked with over 200 artists in diverse environmets.


Lucy Day took the lecture on the 9th February. She is a curator from an artist’s background, having trained at Norwich School of Art and moved from being an artist into curatorship via a director role at Space.


Her current project is a… A Woman’s place… which questions the position of women in our creative historical and cultural landscape and the desire to relocate the simple message of female equality into the cultural fabric of today.

As a curator she and Elisa Gluckman look for artists that take risks, who are confident with the materials they use. They are not interested in artists that follow the latest trend.

One thing that came across clearly in the talk is the multi tasking skills needed in todays art world to be a successful curator.  One has to be able to work across PR, business, finding and mentoring artists, project management, technical production, managing budgets, fund raising, invigilaton, receptionist and so on….

Her parting note was always to remember to thank people who buy a work of art from you….



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