Frank Auerbach Exhibition at Tate Britain – 9 October 2015 to 13 March 2016

Auerbach_Tate Exhibition_2016

Mornington Crescent – Early Mornig 1991

Frank Auerbach

BA Central St Martins
MA Royal College of Art

‘What I’m trying to make is a stonking, independent, coherent image that has never been seen before… that stalks into the world like a new monster.’  Frank Auerbach

I never thought I like Auerbach’s work until I went to the current show at Tate Britain where I did a complete 360.  His work is challenging for sure and one has to take time to decipher the images, particularly the portrait paintings.  On studying the portraits the angle of a head will suddenly come out of the thick swirling paint to surprise you.

Wonderful colours, particularly in his later urban landscape work.



Head of J.Y.M. 11 1984-5

‘What I wanted to do was to record the life that seemed to me to be passionate and exciting and disappearing all the time.’ Frank Auerbach.

His drawings at the National Gallery are also well worth studying. They are housed in the lower level cafe –  you can relax and be inspired by them over a delicious coffee.



Two out of three drawings after Poussin’s ‘Landscape with a Man killed by a Snake.” Presented by James Kirkman.



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