George Condo – Permanent Exhibition at Tate Modern 7 October 2015


Batman and Playboy Bunny 2005 – Ink on Paper

George Condo

Lives and works in New York City
University of Massachusetts Lowell

Powerful expressive drawings showing a range of styles from figurative to abstract. Most were black and white often with humourous overtones… as above.


‘The whole act of making art has nothing to do with the medium within which you work’, Condo has said. ‘You can paint, you can draw, write etc., but the act itself always remains the same.’ As well as painting and sculpture, he has produced numerous drawings, both as preparatory studies and as works in their own right. Condo’s range of references and influences is highly eclectic, from Goya and Velásquez to Picasso and Pop. He refuses to limit himself to one signature style, although many elements of his practice echo one another, and he has a cast of repeated and recognisable characters.‘ Tate



Study for the Insane Cardinal 2003 – Graphite on paper





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