Line Exhibition – Lisson Gallery 22 January -12 March 2016

Line _MonikaGrzymala

Monika Grzymala – Raumzeichnung (outsid/inside)

‘Drawing is both physical entity and intellectual proposition in ‘Line’, Lisson Gallery’s group exhibition, guest-curated by Drawing Room. Fifteen international artists – whose works span seminal artworks from the late ’60s through to performative and site-specific pieces made especially for this exhibition – take their various lines for a walk off the page to intermingle in the three-dimensional space of the gallery, extending via sound into the atmosphere and reverberating via action and memory across time’.

Great mix of work shown at the Lisson Grove celebrating different artist’s take on drawing from Fred Sandback, Susan Hiller, sol Le Witt, Richard Long and more… Beautifully curated within the space.

The presence of Monika Grzymala’s work fills the first room (although not in reality) flying off the wall and, almost, out the window.  Equally an interesting view to the work looking into the gallery from the road.



Jorinde Voigt – Botanic Code 2015

Lovely handwriting detail at the base of each pole ….


Line - Susan Hiller

Susan Hiller – Work in Progress

Several pieces using thread from de-constructed paintings… particularly liked this one.  Something rather nice about a ball of string, looks like natural cotton, delicate colours, simply presented hanging from a nail and given presence by a cast shadow


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