Museum of London Archeological Archive visit on 25 February 2016

MuseumofLondon Archaeological Archive visit_25Feb2016

Shell drawing with beautiful crazed lines and dots and the jaw of a cow with marvellous marbled (effect) teeth


We visited the Museum of London Archaeological archive to ‘consider the idea of the absent present, important concept for both artists and archaeologists’. Tania Kovats

The Museum of London Archaeological Archive

The Museum of London Archaeological Archive is part of the museum’s Department of Archaeological Collections and Archive. Based at Mortimer Wheeler House in Hackney, the archaeological archive holds information concerning nearly 8,500 archaeological sites that have been investigated in Greater London over the past 100 years.

In addition, the Museum of London Archaeological Archive stores the full archives for over 3,500 of these sites, and the records and finds from nearly all archaeological work in London ends up here. The archaeological archive also maintains an archaeological library collection which can be viewed by appointment.

In 2012 the Museum of London Archaeological Archive was officially recognised by the Guinness World Records organisation as the largest archaeological archive in the world.

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Having been given a quick tour and talk on the archives we sat down to draw a selection of items that ranged from animal bones, china pots and broken tiles, small statues and more.  Amazing place and amazing to consider the amount of ‘found’ objects stored in boxes… rows and rows.
MuseumofLondonArchaelogical Archive_ 25Feb2016

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