Sarah Woodfine Exhibition – 7 November to 13 December 2015


Sarah Woodfine exhibition at Danielle Arnaud Gallery

BA Sculpture at Liverpool School of Art
MA Royal Academy

Woodfine explores imaginary worlds that border between the familiar and fantastical. There is a certain element of gothic darkness to her work. This is conjured up through the relationship between the precise and heavily drawn pencil process she employs combined with the subject matters depicted. Her drawing method employs a repetitive almost obsessive-compulsive process.

All her work centres on drawing. They often take the form of three-dimensional constructions in cases and glass domes. They also exist as two-dimensional drawings sometimes encased in liquid filled domes.

” Woodfine’s drawings, often contained within specifically constructed structures that act both as frames and as physical extensions of the drawing itself, operate as miniature worlds, self-contained systems through which a series of vignettes are staged for the viewer’s careful consideration” *1

Her subject is strongly influenced by half remembered memories from childhood. She employs a wide variety of visual imagery exploring themes surrounding darkness and magic. Scenes are always depicted at night time as if lit by moonlight.

“Woodfine’s drawings delve into the dark side of our collective unconscious, exploring dreamlike imagery that is rooted in childhood yet easily causes tremor among adults” *2

*1 text by Peter Suchin
*2 text by Eliza Williams in Contemporary.



Beautiful and magical drawings at the Danielle Arnaud carefully curated / stage managed to produce an almost theatrical atmospheric space for the work.  Title of the show was: We can hardly imagine how much the angels love the truly chaste.


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