Marcus James

17 Nov 2015

Marcus James

Landscape 2015 is a series of drawings exhibited at Hus Gallery, 10 Hanover Street, London W1S 1YF,  3-5 September.


This new set of drawings by Marcus James demonstrates a phenomenal process of control within a new visual language he has used to reassess the connections between landscape in art and our relationship to nature. He has imposed a system of rhythmic, stylistic marks to articulate space in landscape creating a facsimile that has been processed through drawing, and reflects the human battle to dominate nature. Ultimately nature wins through but Marcus James has complete control and has aligned himself with Niels Bohr’s notion that art still has place in opening our minds to the way we see the world.

See site for examples of work.

I came across Marcus James via twitter and liked his drawings… particularly those that start to lose the landscape inspiration and move more into abstract marks. Beautiful sense of colour, line and space.