Dance Workshop – 28 April 2016



Dance workshop held in the Theatre at Wimbledon College of Art organised by Lucy Alger, Pathway Leader BA Theatre Design. Three dancers turned up one being Krill Burlov  There were two men and one woman.

It was a wonderful morning drawing three dancers constantly moving. The session started with a warm up for both drawers and dancers directed by one of the dancers where movement started from the fingers and gradually moved up and through the body bit     by bit.

The first drawings were a mass draw on the green paper on the floor, see above. People  then moved onto their own pads and paper.  Towards the end of the session the dancers were dancing to specific words, such as slow, spine, shadow and feet.

At one point groups of three were formed to draw collaboratively on one piece of paper…

Despite having drawn fast poses in life drawing classes of 15 and 30 seconds, drawing continuously moving figures is surprisingly difficult especially if you are trying to achieve a life like image.

The best drawings came out of letting go and moving with the dancers and music as if dancing with the pencil on paper.  It became more about expression and feeling and transferring that into a drawn image of an abstract nature.



Two collaborative drawings: Janine, Su and Ruth



When experiencing a structure, we unconsciously mimic its configuration with our bones and muscles: the pleasurably animated flow of a piece of music is subconsciously transformed into bodily sensations, the compositions of an abstract painting is experienced as tensions in the muscular systm and the structures of a building are unconsciously imitated and comprehended through the skeletal system. (Pallasmma. 2012. 72) From an article by Lucy Algar – Drawing and Design 2015


Some of my drawings from the workshop follow… The first one was from the word slow.






All three dancers moved very beautifully and it was a great experience to be part of the workshop.