About Space – MA Painting Wimbledon College of Art Exhibition – 13 to 24 April 2016

MA_Painting show_April2016_Mattia Cleri Polidori


Press Release: ‘The seven artits in this group exhibition are exploring the idea of space within their individual practices througha variety of different languages and media. They are interested in the relationship between landscape and consciousness and the way space is influenced by the objects that inhabit it.  The movement of bodies through space, the relationships that objects establish with one another in sace and the psychological and mnemonic relation with space are core ideas investigated in this exhibition.  These artists are looking for the subjects’s hidden dynamics that create new meanings, analogies and connections’.


Wimbledon College of Art, MA Painting group exhibition held at Lewisham Arthouse in South East London.  Great open space with high ceilings and lots of natural light.

Well curated show, a mix of paintings and sculptures across the walls and floor space from a sensitive series of paintings and etchings from Mattia Cleri Polidori to the wonderful mix of wax and concrete sculptures by Guilia Cacciuttolo….


MA_Painting show_April2016.

Giulia Cacciuttolo


Curious sensation created by a clever use of the corner by Fiona Roberts….one has a real sense of the space and being surrounded by the faces looking out at one as one is looking in at them…



Fiona G Roberts


MA_Painting show_April2016

Junchi Xu



Fiona G Roberts