Pool Exhibition at Griffin Gallery – 28 April to 10 June

Pool at Griffin Gallery

Curated by Rebecca Byrne and Liz Elton

Pool explores the expanded field of painting via the device of a constructed landscape, a garden, with works brought together as an immersive experience.

Thirteen artists, all of whom work in and around painting, have been asked to make work that alludes to this theme. As the show has developed, new connections between the works have become apparent, and aims have altered and shifted. The construct of a garden has acted as a frame in itself, with ideas embedded in individual pieces moving in and outside its own boundaries.




Ian Davenport

If a show is considered successful by the amount of people that turn up to a PV then this show passed that test as the highly reflective surface of Ian Davenport’s painting, using black household paint, attests.

Lively and experiential show around the theme of …’a consructed landscape, a garden, with works brought together as an immersive experience’. (Press release).  Not sure that all the works were a fit to the title of the show but there was no doubt as to the interesting and beautifully put together art pieces and paintings and the enjoyment of those visiting the show.


Lee Edwards



Rebecca Byrne



Liz Elton