Methods and Materials, Print and Metal and Welding Inductions


Marvellous blue pigment…like looking into a deep hole

Methods and Materials Induction with Tim Johnson – I’ve been lucky enough to do this induction three times and each time I’ve learnt more. Hugely comprehensive talk on how to prepare one’s work in a manner that will ensure it will not fall apart over the years.  Invaluable talk…



Tim Johnson

Enjoyed the Print Induction.  Good to learn all the different methods of print available in the print room.  Below are some examples of mono printing…






Metal and Welding Induction – The welding section was rather daunting in the Health and Safety procedure one has to go through.  The equipment one has to wear makes for a lack of free movement which impacts on the ability to make things. I guess with practice and resulting confidence this improves.  Below is my firest attempt at bending wire and from this came the first germ of the idea to create a wearable scribble. See below and Portfolio.