Sixty Exhibition at Lubomirov / Angus-Hughes – 13 to 22 May 2016

AngusHughes_Sixty Open

The letterbox to the Lubomiro / Angus-Hughes gallery

Press release:

SIXTY is a curated two-part project in London and Athens predicated on notions of arbitrary political constraints. Sixty works of art were selected by different decision-making bodies or individuals, including a public vote, and subject to a variety of processes and criteria — physical, financial and political — testing the ability of artist and curator to navigate within structures offering both real and illusory choices and opportunities.

Artists were invited to submit artworks in any medium by posting through the gallery’s 6cm by 24.5cm letterbox. All artworks received in this way were displayed in the gallery from 13 to 22 May alongside pieces from our collection of editions and small works. The gallery’s directors selected 60 works from our collection and a further 60 works submitted via the open call were selected by a public vote at the private view. From each of the two bodies of 60 works, 30 were chosen by the project curators and together these final 60 works travelled to Platform Projects @ Art Athina, where they will be on show for 4 days. The value of submitted work has been capped at a maximum of €240 to reflect the continued austerity measure imposed on Greek citizens, who can only withdraw a maximum of €60 per day. Further restrictions imposed on Greek bank account holders by PayPal have been taken into account by waiving the application fee for Greek artists participating in the open call.

The Kafkaesque beurocracy and deliberate lack of clarity around a project involving 153 international artists, 2 curators, 2 directors and a number of assistants and conslultants, is designed to reflect the administrative chaos embodied in the multi-state politics of the European Union today.




All works submitted had to fit through the letterbox on the gallery front door.

Interesting to see how different artists had worked round the size restriction by different means…ie folded work,  work that needed to be inflated after arrival, long thin pieces and a plastic curtain like work that was hung up whilst other artists embraced the restriced size to produce some beautiful work.







Top work by Janine Hall – Untitled