Dmitry Sokolenko XYZ show at the Jessica Carlisle Gallery – 26 May to 18 June 2016


Grotte De Lascaux – 111 200x


Dmitry Sokolenko

Dmitry Sokolenko does not so much create imagery as find it – in typefaces, logos and symbols, which are magnified and cropped, cut and spliced to a point of complete abstraction. The resulting “pictures” are signs to decipher via the clues in their titles and the visual archives in our heads. 

Sokolenko lives and works in Russia. He is a trained microbiologist who now practises as an artist (though he rejects the nomenclature). His biography remains obscure since the only published details are fictive and fantastical.


JessicaCarlisle_Dmitry Sokolenko


JessicaCarlisleGallery- DmitrySokolenko


A series of brightly coloured works, same size ( 50 x 36 cm) curated in a long line around the room.  Archival prints on canvas.  They have a very graphic feel to them, particularly when viewed on an A4 sheet en masse, below.  The artist is clearly very good at using colour, shape and space and in particular an ability to crop the image to dramatic effect.




The best work in the show is below…


JessicaCarlisle_ Dmitry Sokolenko