Laurence Edwards at Messums – 25 May to 24 June 2016

LaurenceEdwards PV

The Catcher 2015


Laurence Edwards – Sculptor

Born Suffolk

1983 – 1985
Studies Foundation Art at Lowestoft College, Suffolk

1985 – 1988
Studies Sculpture at Canterbury College of Art, Kent; tutors include Anthony Caro and John Gibbons

1988 – 90
Postgraduate student at the Royal College of Art, London; studies Bronze Casting and Sculpture with Philip King, Professor of Sculpture, and Eduardo Paolozzi; studies casting with Sri Lankan Master Founder Tissa Ranasinghe
Awarded a Henry Moore Bursary, the Angeloni Prize for Bronze Casting and an Intach Travelling Scholarship, enabling him to travel during the summers of 1989 and 1990 throughout the Indian sub-continent to study traditional methods of bronze casting and to work alongside Indian sculptors.


Beautiful work on show at Messums until the end of June 2016.  All bronze work and a mix of figurative and abstract.  The figures are a further development of his Creek men a mix of man, tree and mud…

I prefer his figurative work to his abstract work… although I did like this particular work… to follow:



Shapeshifter 2015

He seems to be abstracting the body by taking chunks out of it… a bit like racing drivers make holes in their disc brakes and car bodies to make them lighter and therefore faster.




One of the few sculptors who casts his own work, Laurence Edwards is fascinated by human anatomy and the metamorphosis of form and matter that governs the lost-wax process. The driving force behind his work is bronze, an alloy that physically and metaphorically illustrates entropy, the natural tendency of any system in time to tend towards disorder and chaos. His sculptures express the raw liquid power of bronze, its versatility, mass and evolution, and the variety of process marks he retains tell the story of how and why each work came to be.