* Mary Heilmann Exhibition at The Whitechapel Gallery: 08 June – 21 August 2016


Marvellous juxtoposition of shirt and painting.


‘The surreal beach life of Los Angeles, 1960s counter culture, pop songs and friendships with New York artists, poets and musicians are the well springs of Mary Heilmann’s dazzling abstractions.

Heilmann (b. 1940) takes colour, line and shape on unexpected journeys. Polka dots waft across eye-popping hues corralled within irregular rectangles. The poetry of her works lies in the tension between the rigours of geometry and the contingencies of the human and the organic’. 



Wonderful show at the Whitechapel gallery showcasing the work of Mary Heilmann. Mix of paintings on canvas, framed work on paper, film and ceramics. Deceptively simple abstract images that play with rhythms and patterns.  There seems a great sense of enjoyment in her use of colour and shape.