S.t.a.t.e. – Viktor Timofeev an Exhibition at the Drawing room: 19 June – 14 August 2016

StateExhibition at The DrawingRoom

Viktor Timofeev

Small exhibition at The Drawing Room running alongside the talk Towards Visibility.

A series of drawings on paper shown unframed.  The artist preferred that the work looked like it was still ongoing rather than framed and final. All the drawings were in black and white.. a mix of very precise lines and looser lines.. To follow are the ones I liked the most… I liked the use of graph paper and the smudged, grungy look (last picture below) in contrast to the very precise and measured drawing.  I also liked the fact that there were spaces left on the page …


DrawingRoomExhibition- Viktor Timofeev


DrawingRoomExhibition- Viktor Timofeev-