David Hammons and Mike Kelley at the Simon Lee Gallery: June – July 2016


John Hammons – untitled (Basketball drawing + stone), 2005  Graphite and dirt on paper with Mike Kelley’s Ghoul sculptures reflected in the glass.


John Hammons and Mike Kelley

These two contemporary artists share the top floor gallery space at Simon Lee with work from 1989 to 2008.  Both artists are interested in the abject, both conceptually and materially utilising found or discarded domestic materials in their practice, from human hair to dirt and nylon stockings.


I found John Hammon’s work easier to like than Mike Kelley’s, particularly the drawing above created by kicking a football onto paper. Touches of humour and a sense of play come out with the following sculpture By John Hammons where, initially, one wonders what one is looking at until the feet are seen from beneath the cabinet.





John Hammons – Untitled (Hidden from View). Wooden plinth, plexiglass cover and African Sculpture. 2002/2003



John Hammons – Hair Relaxer 2007/2008