* Francis Alys Exhibition at David Zwirner Gallery: 11 June – 5 August 2016

Francis Alys-Exhib

Francis Alys in collaboration with Julien Devaux, Rafael Ortega, Alejandro Morales and Felix Blume. Paradox of Praxis 5: Sometimes we dream as we live and sometimes we live as we dream.  Ciudad Juarez, Mexico 2013 (detail of video still)




Francis Alys

Beautiful exhibition at the David Zwirner gallery in London showcasing a mix of work from film, paintings and postcards… the latter are postcards where Alys has used a black marker to block out areas of the image leaving selected light, often artificial. The postcards are showcased in pairs front and back.

The film, image above was mesmerising. Such a simple concept in essence but so complicated in the questions that come up as you watch the film… as in the lack of police interest when a police car passes him at one point.

The film is quite beautiful despite what it reveals in the light of the flaming ball, the emptiness and dereliction of the city he walks through.  Alys brings a quiet, medititve quality that grips one to stay and watch the film to it’s conclusion.



Ciudad Juarez postcards (2013)