Black Bridges exhibition at the Hundred Years Gallery: 4 -7 August 2016


Frederic Anderson

Artigon’s first exbibition – Black Bridges – held at the Hundred Years Gallery in the East End of London.  Artigon is a creative social start up founded by Eugenia Douka to promote emerging artists.

The emerging artists on this occasion are Frederic Anderson, Albert Bonay, Giulia Cacciuttolo, Sebastiao Castelo Lopes, Sian Naomi Dorman, Heather MacDonald and Soita (Dilia Calinescu).

The show is united by the black and white theme and works well in the gallery space in the basement with some works upstairs in the gallery cafe.

A classic example of the energy and enterprise of small galleries that allow emerging artists space in their ‘off the beaten track’ premises in the East End of London where the cheaper rents allow them to thrive… Great little show and lovely gallery.





Sebastiao Castelo Lopes