Etching Induction – 16 and 17 August 2016

Wonderful couple of days learning to etch in the print room with Su Bonfanti and Nic Clarke led by Ling.

The first day was spent making marks in plastic,..ingaglio printing, applying ink in the correct way and printing onto carefully prepared paper soaked in water for at least an hour.  We overprinted each other’s work to produce multi layered images and played with inserting random plastic shapes to create blind embossing within the printed images.



I enjoyed the shapes that came out of applying the ink to my etched plastic piece almost as much as the printed work.



Etching tool and my etched plastic sheet.



Nic etching her plasic sheet



Our three etchings..the two on the right have overlaid images



Su taking the roller over the etched plastic and paper to create a print.



Thin plastic sheets placed ready to blind emboss



Our three images printed together with blind embossed shapes



I seem to make the most mess out of the three of us…


The second day I was taken through copper plate etching starting with removing the greasy surface with chalk, a soft cloth and water…




Smoked the surface to create a black layer to help view the etched line, added a wax surface and etched the copper plate, soaked the plate in acid to etch the lines, cleaned the plate up and filed the edges to smooth the plate ready to print… Still to print the final work as the day ended before I could see the results of all the work.  Image to come…

And here it is… two versions… one hi-lighting the thumb print that shouldn’t be there ..the ink has been cleaned off the plate only leaving the lines….it felt like I had removed all of it so it’s amazing to see the final image appear. The fineness of the etched line makes them  so beautiful.

The second print I have left a fair bit of ink on the plate to add some tone to the image in opposition to the lines….