in the frame exhibtion at Wimbledon College of Art: 1-5 September 2016

In the frame-.

Margaret – Georgina Talfana’s  pelican – inspired by: Giovanni Bellini’s Madonna of the Meadows and to follow the drawing, that sits alongside this work, of her mother.




In the Frame was an exhibition running alongside the MA graduations shows – painting, drawing and theatre.

The exhibition showcased work inspired by a talk from Colin Wiggins at The National Gallery Museum.  Following a day spent at the museum a body of work was produced by the MA drawing students inspired by the works within the museum or the architecture of the building and surroundings.

A diverse and wonderful selection of work has been produced for this exibition and it is a classic example of how differently individuals view the same things so individually. Together the works produced have created a great show… A selection of the works follow:


In the frame..

Rachel Bacon’s eyes – from Carlo Crivelli’s painting of Saint Lucy


In the frame.

Janine Hall’s rug taken from a drawing of a morning shadow on the steps leading from Traflagar square up to the National Gallery



The drawing on the left is a morning shadow and the one on the right is an afternoon shadow. The former was used as a master drawing for the runner/rug … see image above.


In the frame-..

Ruth Richmond’s paper mugs in response to Constable’s Haywain


In the frame.-

Nic Clarke’s piece was inspired by a Ruben’s sketch, The Lion Hunt



Su Bonfanti’s response to the architecture of the building


stepping- Carragh

Caragh Savage’s beautiful work inspired by the self portrait of Jan Van Eyck



Sebastiao Castelo Lopes – his work is inspired by several works within the museum which feature books that one is unable to read