Visual Language of Punk Talk by Russ Bestley – 18 May 2016

Dr Russ Bestley

Dr Bestley’s areas of specialist interest include graphic design research methods and British popular culture, in particular alternative music scenes and subcultures.

He has co-authored and designed a number of publications, including Visual Research: An Introduction to Research Methodologies in Graphic Design (AVA Academia 2004, revised 2nd edition 2011), Up Against the Wall: International Poster Design (RotoVision 2002) and Experimental Layout (RotoVision 2001), and has contributed articles to design and music publications including Eye, Zed, Emigré, The National Grid, Street Sounds, Vive Le Rock and the Oxford Encyclopaedia of the Modern World.

His most recent book, The Art of Punk, was published by Omnibus Press (UK), Voyageur (North America), Hannibal Verlag Gmbh (Germany) and Hugo et Compagnie (France) in 2012. He is an Associate Editor of the academic journal Punk and Post Punk, published by Intellect Ltd, and a member of the international Punk Scholars Network. In 2013 he established the Graphic Subcultures Network research hub at the London College of Communication.


Russ teaches Graphics at the London College of Communication.  His PHD was graphics in regional areas.  Vast collection of Punk graphics and clearly still a punk at heart.

Bit of a nostalgia trip to see the graphics of the time and hear the story of punk, how it evolved out of Londona and New York in the early seventies and spread to the suburbs. Would have been good to hear more of the music alongside the images.