Giuseppe Penone Exhibition at Marian Goodman Gallery – 9 September to 22 October 2016


Giuseppe Penone

Press release:


Beautifully curated show of Penone’s work in the Marian Goodman Gallery.  The clean airy, white space complimenting the work.  Although the wondeful wide, white stained floorboards of the 1st floor gallery were almost as wonderful as Penone’s tree sculptures.

The work is immaculately made from the large gridded image of a pair of lips formed by a mass of thorns to the carefully sliced marble pieces. I liked the idea of the caged laurel leaves scenting the gallery but had to get very close to the work to smell the leaves.

The bronze hand sculpture holding the trunk of a young tree continues to engage one’s interest from the first viewing many years ago.  Watching the tree slowly embracing Penone’s hand over time is fascinating.