Documentation of National Gallery project

Walking on the shadow of a two dimensional staircase.


The first two drawings for The National Gallery project you will find in Portfolio 1 and they were drawings of a shadow on the steps leading up from Trafalgar Square to The National Gallery main entrance. These drawings were split between morning and afternoon.

The second set of two drawings were of morning shadows and light cast onto the long staircase inside the Sainsbury wing and you will find these in Portfolio 2.  I had gone there one morning to collect some reference shots of the staircase to visualise a black zig-zag carpet but found the staircase full of light and shadows from which my last two drawings have been based.

I took the ‘Morning’ exterior drawing and converted it into a carpet to allow the viewer to walk on the shadow of a two dimensional staircase. See original drawing in the URL to follow:


In the frame.


The rug was commissioned from Rug Couture…

I started the process by sending them the drawing, via their website and asked if they could reproduce it in a rug… the answer was yes! This e/conversation was followed by sending a drawn, scaled template and they responded with wool samples from which the final colours were selected.  I also sent them a marked up photograph indicating the wool colours on each section. A black and white proof was agreed before production of the rug was started.



Scaled rug template



Wool samples for rug thickness and quality and colour samples



Final four colours used in the rug


In the frame--

These are the two drawings produced, Morning 2 and 1 (interior) of the Sainsbury wing staircase and shown here at the ‘in the frame’ exhibition held September 2016.