Lygia Pape Exhibition at Hauser & Wirth: 23 September – 19 November 2016

Lygia Pape

Tecelar 1956


A real mix of work from video,  woodcut prints, drawings, sculptural light installation with pigment and cloth and silver thread and light installation.

I liked the drawings and woodcuts the best.  Simple, monochrome and finely produced. To the point and short film of a women tearing her way out of a paper box on the beach. 0 Ovo (the egg) made in 1967.

I didn’t like the silver thread installation despite it’s impressive presence in the room… I found it rather cold and machine like within the blacked out space.  Immaculately put together and presented.  Perhaps it was the blackness that added to it’s coldness.



Tteia 1C



Tecelar – 1958