* Robert Motherwell, Abstract Expressionism at Bernard Jacobson Gallery: 16 September -November 2016


The Studio 1987


Timely show of Motherwell’s work at the Bernard Jacobson Gallery. Following on from the Abstract Expressionist show at the RA it was lovely to walk around a peaceful gallery and contemplate the well curated show.

Beautiful, airy, light, modern space… one of London’s amazing galleries tucked away representing an interesting collection of artists, Motherwell being one of them.

See this interesting article on abcrit by John Bunker on the Motherwell show….



Black with no way out – 1983



California – 1959


Gill Crabbe writes in the RA Magazine an article on The art of contemplation: mindfulness in galleries, inspired by Beside the Sea, No 3 … see to follow:



Beside the Sea no 3 – 1962


She suggests that ‘midfulness techniques can aid an authentic encounter with an artwork, especially those of the Abstract Expressionists’.