Pecha Kucha – Unit 2: 20 October 2016

Beautiful black banana found at the bottom of my black bag
Beautiful black banana found at the bottom of my black bag

Janine Hall – MA Drawing

Pecha Kucha presentation October 2016

The things that have contributed to my practice this last year, generally, come from the everyday.  They are observations on things I find whilst travelling around London, on the tube, in café’s, going on walks, or at home… in fact they come from anywhere and every where. They tend to be small quiet things.

The images are varied, and would seem to be unconnected but have links across grids, light, shadow and monochrome and have a tendency to come full circle.

To follow are some examples:

  1. Banana: I was having a tidy up of my bag and was rather surprised to find this black banana… I’m not sure how long it had been there but was rather pleased to find it before it exploded.
  2. Lemon: I liked the dusty, soft greeny grey and white decayed half of the lemon against the sharp and clear yellow of it’s other half.
  3. Here’s an example of shadows and light that I have been exploring in my drawing this last year. They come from several sources of light on random objects on the kitchen table… in this instance wine glasses.
  4. Apart from the beautiful shape of the flowers against each other I was interested in the way the intense light through the blind had almost taken the colour out of the flowers and reduced it to a drawing.
  5. I always like light reflections that flicker on the wall as the sun moves round during the day. The old wartime glass in windows and doors often create the best light reflections…
  6. Wonderful angled and graded shadows combined with concrete and mass at Tate Modern.
  7. Beautiful double grid. I like the contrast and detail of the window frame against the flat, simplified shadows that form regular crosses and squares.
  8. This looks like a ready made painting with its lines, texture and delicate colours. It’s an old boat lying on the River Alde, bottom up.
  9. This is Giulia. She was disappearing into the black curtain and the combination of a random plate on the floor and the tucked back curtain edge created a scene that looked like an old master painting.
  10. This is the tiled floor at Pauls Café on Piccadilly and is an example of a double grid. One formal and one free flowing.
  11. Wonderful ceiling at Haggerston School assembly hall designed by Erno Goldfinger. Probably good for acoustics.  The sculptural form creates marvellous shadows.
  12. The unconscious work of art created by a builder grouting some newly laid tiles.
  13. Amazingly deep blue pigment in a pot… the colour was so intense it felt like looking into a bottomless void.
  14. The Newport Gallery staircases are beautifully designed and if you look up, one of them has this blue eye pulling the light down into the space below.
  15. This is a newspaper cutting I’ve had on my desk for years… I love the scale of the figure and shadow on the abstract wavy lines.
  16. Amazing image of a block of demolished flats and the remains of human choices in colour revealed. I like the way perspective plays with the shape and size of the doors adding another layer to the coloured box shapes.
  17. To follow are a few artists whose work I’ve seen recently. This is Paul Feiler at the Jessica Carlisle gallery. Beautiful oil paintings using subtle colours and lines that suck you into the painting.
  18. Rana Begum at Parasol. A mass of paintings in a grid format exploring folds and colour. I particularly liked the simplicity of the work and use of the MDF board colour.
  19. Yu Youhan at the White Cube. Large expressive paintings/drawings in black and white.
  20. Antony Gormley at Alan Cristea Gallery.  Drawings and prints that show a       directness and simplicity of execution.  No fuss or complication. Just clean, simple and beautiful.
  21. and lastly… another favourite artist of mine… Agnes Martin who created deceptively simple looking drawings and paintings that are both beautiful and peaceful.


PDF attached to follow shows the images displayed during this presentation: