In the shadows of a subterranean River – MFA show at the Crypt Gallery: 27-29 October 2016


Andrea Cotman – Imagining the Inevitable

Mixed show of work from the MFA course at Wimbledon College of Art showcased within the Crypt Gallery near Kings Cross. ‘The works were created in isolation from one another over the long summer months, the site of the exhibition itself is the unifying theme’.

The nature of the space as a Crypt make it a challenging space to curate work. The environs are distinctly Gothic and church like with the added element of a damp and musty atmosphere. Difficult to deny the presence of the 557 souls whose resting place is within the space … what do they think of the invasion of their space?

The best work within the show embraced the space… as with the work of Andrea Cotman, whose light installation echoed an archway at the end of a short corridor.  The placing of the arched shape both upright and horizontal in a dark space generated or awakens a sense of unease most of us feel in church graveyards.

Frederic Anderson had produced a beautiful and carefully put together votive piece surrounded by small framed drawings which firmly took hold of the gallery space and the essence of a Crypt.

Anything on paper would have to take into account the damp air.



Frederic Anderson – Votive Drawing



Frederic Anderson – Votive drawings…Five constellations



Siru Zhao – Tomestone