Photofusion SELECT/16: 3rd – 23rd November 2016


Andrew Youngson – Lost light series.  Sensitive drawings using light. Andrew is a London based artist whose work explores the relationship between landscape and memory under the shadow of conflict.


Strong photographic show at Photofusion based in Brixton showcasing the work of four photographers.

‘The four exhibiting artists were selected from SALON/15 to exhibit their full body of work in Photofusion’s SELECT/16 exhibition. Andrew Youngson, Emma Evelyn Speight, Caroline Jane Harris and Andrew Meredith have each been awarded a bursary and professional mentoring to develop and exhibit this work. The four projects were individually championed by Photofusion’s staff and members of our board.’



Caroline Jane Harris

Beautiful and immaculately produced cut paper photographic images often in layers.



Caroline Jane Harris – close up showing cut paper element to the work



Andrew Meredith’s project, “Introversion,” an exploration of scale and ambiguity within a dark landscape.

Emma Evelyn Speight’s project, “Zufluchtsort,” shows her immersion into foreign environments to make work which explores what it means to find contentment and how this impacts on a wider community.