* Lines of Thought talk by Isabel Seligman – 16th November 2016


Mary Martin


Isabel Seligman has, together with the support of the Bridget Riley Art Foundation put together a touring show – Lines of Thought.  The aim of the show is to uncover the process and practice of drawing and encourage students to draw, by showcasing over 500 years of inspiring drawings from Michelangelo to the present day. Alongside this Isabel has produced a book and held drawing workshops.

These workshops are held at the British Museum ‘s outstanding Prints and Drawing room. On starting the workshop students are asked to choose a work from the collection to draw. Through the process of drawing, brainstorming, inquiry, experimentation, association, development and decision making a greater understanding and insight into the creative impulse of the original artist is gained.

The show and workshops are being coordinated by the Bridget Riley Art Foundation, after the artist used the British Museum’s drawing collection for inspiration. She wanted other students to have the same opportunity.

Interesting to see the work of artists and their own struggle to visualise an idea and show how an idea has developed.  An example was a sketch by Barbara Hepworth that ended up being the inspiration for the Winged Figure which hangs on the outside of the John Lewis building in London. Marvellous sculpture and marvellous shadow.



The Winged Figure – Barbara Hepworth


The talk demonstrated ‘thinking through drawing’, what an excellent problem solving tool it is.  Discarding elements that don’t work and refining those that do work.  Matisse said ‘to draw is to outline an idea’.





To follow are a couple of articles from the Telegraph.