* Richard Serra Exhibition at The Gagosian Gallery London: 1 October 2016 – 25 February 2017



Rounds: Equal Weight, Unequal Measure, 2016
Weatherproof steel
Overall: 82 1/4 × 208 1/2 × 88 1/2 inches (209 × 529.7 × 225 cm)
© Richard Serra


Nj-2, Rounds: Equal Weight, Unequal Measure, Rotate

Black and white photography from the Gagosian site: http://www.gagosian.com/exhibitions/richard-serra–october-01-2016/exhibition-images


Beautiful work by Richard Serra at the Gagosian gallery, Britannia street, London.  Great open and very white space to house these large works.  The overwhelming sense of the work is their weight and gravity.  There is almost a brooding silence to the gallery…not in a negative way…more through the presence of the sculptures in the space.

Both the cylinders and blocks are solid metal with textured and distressed sides. The colours of which are subtle and subdued with small flashes of bright rust colour, maroon and pink …essentially the overall impression being of shades of grey.




Rotate, 2016
Weatherproof steel
Overall: 66 1/2 × 145 3/4 × 260 1/4 inches (169 × 370 × 661 cm)
© Richard Serra



NJ-2 (detail), 2016
Weatherproof steel
157 1/2 × 571 1/4 × 325 inches (400 × 1,451 × 825.5 cm)
© Richard Serra



Walking through NJ2 is an immersive experience of darkness and light, leaning and angled slabs of steel and a widening and diminishing pathway depending on which way you are walking. The whole work being a glorious orange rust colour.  The scale of the piece and how it was transported and raised in the gallery space.. it’s weight and point of balance is both amazing and wonderful.

Richard Serra: ‘In sculpture gravity is undeniable.  Sculptural form must necessarily confront gravity. I am interested in process and matter, in construction, in how to open up the field. The problem for me is to address within a work circulation or movement that is outside of all representation that is, to make movement itself the subject, which generates or constitutes the work. My development has been up to this point fairly logical and sequential’. From an interview by Phong Bui in Richard Serra – Rolled and Forged by Gagosian Gallery

Interesting that Serra talks about the works being about movement when they are in themselves so static, still and silent. They make the viewer move around them… in awe I would suggest.