Nic Clarke’s Peer Workshop – 17th November 2016



The peer workshop started at Centre Court shopping centre in Wimbledon where we were asked to draw passers by using the different levels of the shopping centre. The aim was to draw moving people from observation and memory.

Being part of a group of drawers, albeit spread around the complex, made it easier to draw in public and once one’s eye was ‘warmed’ up it was a fun and interesting experience. It’s surprisingly difficult to draw a moving figure and one has to get the essence of the person quickly… there’s no time for detail or thinking about the pose.

After 40 minutes of drawing we re-grouped at the Centre for Drawing at Wimbledon College of art, split into groups of 3 and worked towards one single picture comprised of each group’s drawings.  Some drawings were copied, others traced or cut out and all finally glued to a backing sheet to form the final image…