Ruth Richmond’s Peer Workshop – 24 November 2016


Going out to come in


For Ruth’s peer workshop we were asked to walk for around 25 minutes, record what we saw and experienced from memory.  Some note taking was allowed if anyone wished to do so.  We were then asked to draw the work in any form and with any material intuitively.

Very well organised workshop, with Ruth, who gave encouraging advice and comments to individuals that needed support.  After around 45 minutes of drawing the resulting work was hung on the wall and discussed.




It was clear that most people had enjoyed the workshop despite being asked to approach drawing in a direction entirely different to their own practices.

My own drawing (above) was about the physical act of walking and how that can lead to a mental withdrawal inward…so much so that I often find, when I come out of a reverie, I don’t recall how I arrived at a particular section of a walk.

The thin lines on my drawing represent pine needles on the pathway to college and the cut paper leaves reflect the autumnal time of year.



Nic and Tina’s masterpieces




Sarah’s beautiful drawing.  She found the process of the workshop very different to her own practice and was surprised by the outcome… positively so.