Su Bonfanti’s Peer Workshop – 1 November 2016



This shot is of  Su’s father, (third in from the left) with his fiancé on his arm (second from left), his fiance’s mother and father (second and first in from the right),  The chap on the far left was his best friend. They are in Belgium and the second world war has ended.

The fiancé in this picture is not Su’s mother and her father had another fiance before finally marrying her mother. In this picture her father looks the happiest she can recall him looking.

In the workshop four of us were privy to this information the rest of the group  were not. All of us were asked to draw how we felt about the picture.  We then had to draw our drawing from memory.



My drawing showed Su’s Father and fiancé walking down the street on their own. When people are in love they walk around as if they are in their own world.



Ali’s interpretation of the photograph.



My memory drawing…


The overall impression of this photograph is of a group of happy people. Knowing that this fiance is not Su’s mother one is left with the question… what happened?