Pinhole Camera Induction – 28 November 2016


Self Portrait – 17 minute exposure


Taking a shot with a pinhole camera is a juggling act of blocking all light from the box, apart from the pinhole and getting the right exposure.

My camera started life in a pristine state and rapidly deteriorated as more gaffer tape was added to mask light that seemed reluctant to be found;



Last minute preparations and my pristine camera in the forefront



Gaffer taped to the hilt

My first shot, was a four minute exposure and turned out to be entirely black on development.  After some trial and errors, plus a  pinhole replacement (smaller) I ended up with a 37 minute exposure… the one above I prefer at 17 minutes.

It’s an interesting experience to stand still for a period of time to one side of a busy reception area.  At art school it’s not unusual to see students up to strange things and taken by most people as not far off normal… I’m not sure I’d have had the same response in the public domain…

Notes to follow: