Janine Hall Peer Workshop – 15 December 2016


Janine Hall Peer Workshop Instructions sent out to everyone attending the workshop

Thursday 15th December 10.15 am

In the Observatory (where the Pinhole Camera workshop was held)


My field of interest is the shadow and the observation of light and shade across different objects and places. I’m interested in how shadow with light creates abstract patterns but also an atmosphere in a space.  I particularly like an atmosphere of quietness.

Aim of the Workshop:

I’m interested to see your approach to this subject and how this is translated into drawings by you. We all have a tendency to see the world in different ways.  How does your view affect the way you perceive the shadow and go on to draw it and lastly what atmosphere do the drawings create in a space?  In our case the Centre for Drawing.


1.5 – 2.00 hours.


Bring two large sheets of paper at least as I’d like us to create two drawings… one to be part of a ‘Kentridge silhouette wall’ and the other one we will fold.  Tracing paper or tissue paper could be interesting and or a roll of paper.

We need to leave the Observatory walls pristine so best to use drawing materials that are not too messy.



What is the methodology you need the group to follow?

Nick Manser will help to set up the lights to create different kinds of shadows….tall, short, sharp or soft.

After an initial introduction, everyone to draw or trace a shadow.

This could be a silhouette of each other and we can work in pairs to do this.  Or if you have a particular object you would like to draw please bring that in with you.

On the Kentridge type silhouettes it would be good to add props to add drama to a silhouette… so you could bring in a hat for example, or an umbrella…wear baggy trousers..anything that will add character to your silhouette.  Perhaps we can borrow the odd broom etc. from Estates to add shape.

The second drawing can be a trace of the first one.

The second drawing is then folded and if we have time we will redraw the folded drawing to further abstract the original shadow drawing.

All final drawings to be pinned to the walls in the Centre of Drawing to be observed. What atmosphere do they create in the room…if any?

My thanks go to Nick Manser for helping to set up the lights to create great shadows from which to draw and to everyone else for their enthusiasm to work through my peer workshop… it made for a fun morning. Below left is Nick and his shadow. Photograph courtesy of Su Bonfanti.


We all worked together to create silhouettes of each other either by posing or drawing.  Su and Caroline, as well as Yifei and Laura produced their drawings on one sheet of paper.  Sarah art directed me to pose in four different ways for her silhouette drawing so ended up with a sense of movement across the paper.

Ali and Nic collaborated together to draw each other’s silhouettes but on seperate pieces of paper.  Ali took up a broom to add a distinct shape to her silhouette and Su had brought in a specially made giant, cardboard pen to add distinction to her silhouette. Su said it was a reference to being ‘A Shadow of Her Former Self’.

The crossover of  lines  from the silhouette drawings abstracted the drawings from the start.  Nic decided to reverse her shadow to become white out of black and Ali managed to create the darkest silhouette of everyone using charcoal.


Here are the final first stage silhouette drawings all very distinct and individual.  From these a second set of drawings was produced and then folded to further abstract the Works.


Carolines folded drawing



Sarah’s folded drawing



Yifei decided to have his drawing move through a rolling action making the abstract image change as it was rolled.



Ali’s Folded drawing



Su’s folded drawing



Laura’s folded drawing



Nic’s folded drawing



The final folded drawings on display

Everyone’s approach to drawing their silhouette was very different and the resulting drawings from stage one, echoing Kentridge, were very strong and even more so when hung in the Cenre for drawing.  The lower height ceiling added height to the drawings in a strange kind of way.

The second drawings were scaled down in size through the process of selection / editing and this started the abstraction process.  Further enhanced by folding and additional drawing.

Nic, Ali and Su added further elements to their folded drawings as they folded the work, whereas Laura, Yifei and Sarah only folded the work.

The displayed folded works gave out a more delicate atmosphere to the first set of drawings.  Probably due to a fineness of line and shades of grey appearing through the different folded layers.

We didn’t have time to do the final drawings… a copy of the folded ones.  It would have been interesting to see how they would have been further abstracted and what feeling this would give to the work.

Herewith some feedback on the workshop from everyone who took part: