Ali Christie’s Peer Workshop – 15 December 2016



Ali’s Peer Workshop was held in the Centre for Drawing.  It started with Ali giving us a talk on how to design a magazine front cover particularly across gossip type magazines such as ‘Chat’.

We were then asked to produce a self portrait for the front cover either by drawing from a mirror (supplied by Ali) or using a photograph as reference.  I drew myself from a photograph using black ink and a reed pen.

Ali had brought in sheets of typfaces for us to draw from and lots of different magazines to look through or cut up.

Most of the resulting front covers were enthusiasticlly created by a mixture of collage and drawing and much amusemement at copy lines that ecchoed the tone of the magazine ‘Chat’. I decided to produce a magazine for a Life Drawing class.

I started by tracing large letters to produce a logo for the masthead and followed this with some copy lines. It reminded me of the laborious way we used to copy type out in pencil or rapidographs (and black ink) onto tracing paper. It was the way graphic designers used to work in the days before computers took over the design process. So my progress was slow compared to everyone else’s cut out and collaged type.

Everyone had picked up well on the tone, look and feel of the gossip magazine sector as you will see in the images below and Ali’s final shot of the magazine layouts in situ. They fitted into the newsagent environment amazingly well.

It’s interesting to note that these magazines are designed to ‘shout’ hence the colours, flashes with special offers and outrageous copy lines to catch attention.  In Ali’s newsagent shot the three covers that employ less colours and are simpler in layout stand out more than those that are shouting the loudest.

It was a well organised and fun workshop to take part in and a lovely way to spend the last day of term.