Same Difference – Exhibition to come

Su Bonfanti, Nic Clarke, Ruth Richmond, Ali Christie and Janine Hall have become the unofficial team for any exhibition opportunities that come our way or that we make happen.

I usually find the spaces… on this occasion free gallery space through Cass Arts and then come up with a title for the show. Su, being incredibly organised and very good at putting a proposal together takes over.  We decided the Kingston venue would be a good space.  Nic had taken part in a workshop there and Su also went to visit the space and both thought the space was good.

Once Su has the basic information for the poster in place I generally oversee and art direct the poster and any printed material needed.

The curation of the show is with all of us taking part.

We’ve resurrected the title Same Difference from a previous proposal ..the show is a showcase on how Wimbledon College of Arts Students are using the language of drawing in the 21st Century.

The show will run from 24 February to 4 March 2017 with the PV on Saturday 25 February.  We have invited and had three MFA students say they would like to be part of the show. There are 14 of us interested to take part in this show at the moment.