Documentation – Blotting paper and thread

The images above are all on blotting paper. Wonderful thick furry paper great for creating black blobs with ink and fine, randomly drawn, pinhole lines indented into the paper.

The first two images; on the front plane I have added black charcoal dust to ‘draw’ the lines out and then added the two colours of thread.  I used thread as wanted a very fine, crisp coloured line which wouldn’t have been possible with ink. It’s interesting how the thread is so different in it’s shape on the back pane from the front.

The ink blob works were based on a grid with pinholes added as the lines cross with black and white thread added in a step shape diagonally across the paper.   One pane has grey elipses whilst the other only has the black ink blobs.  These works look lovely with light shining through the pinholes.