Sarah Gracie’s peer workshop – 11 January 2017


Drawing blind through carbon paper


Sarah is interested in the combination of image and text, or text as image, in contemporary drawing.  She started the workshop by taking us through some work by artists who do this such as Nancy Spero, Kikki Smith, Glen Ligon, Jasper Johns and Tracy Emins.




We started the workshop with an excercise to draw a ‘God’ or ‘Goddess’, through carbon paper. And then went on to add text in some form, followed by taking this image and drawing it on a foam/plastic sheet from which the image was printed onto paper.

Sarah had brought a load of different materials with which to make different marks,..such as sand, leaves, rice, type forms as well as papers such as newsprint to help generate abstract textures and images.

All this was applied to a long sheet of wallpaper rolled out on the floor.




It was interesting to see the work develop into a collaborative piece despite everyone, essentially working individually.  It seems there is a natural instinct to make a work become one even if it’s unconscious.

The end result was a long frieze… four images to follow: