Same Difference Exhibition




Poster outside Cass Arts in Kingston


Same difference

The Same Difference Exhibition was held in The Art Space, Cass Arts in Kingston and the artists were a group from the MA Drawing course based at the Centre for Drawing with three artists from the MFA Course.

Artists were, Frederic Anderson, Anna Biesuz, Su Bonfanti, Quinqian Cai, Ali Christie, Nicola Clarke, Jing Quo, Janine Hall, Caroline Holt-Wilson, Glynis Lamond, Tina Liveras, Ruth Richmond, Charmaine Watkiss and Laura Wend.

Curated by Su Bonfanti, Ali Christie, Nicola Clarke, Janine Hall and Ruth Richmond. Organisation and copy Su Bonfanti, concept, photography and art direction of poster and marketing material Janine Hall, with thanks to Chris Keeble for his help on the production side.


Glynis Lamond

L to R: Frederic Anderson, Janine Hall, Nicola Clarke and Su Bonfanti

L to R: Charmaine Watkiss and Janine Hall


Janine Hall



Ruth Richmond

To follow, some early shots of the poster image – a couple of versions:


And lastly, an arrow to direct people to the show, not used in the end.  I would have drawn a horizontal line extending back, for the final version had it gone ahead.



PR sheet for Visitors:

Same Difference PR sheet 1_ 18Feb2017