British Museum Documentation

The British Museum Project started with a visit to the Drawing room where we drew pre-selected work from the Museum’s collection. I chose the Lynn Chadwick print to follow.  The folded sketch books shown above, are my response to this work.

I wanted to find a way to re-create the look of the faceted panels within the globe and the different shades of grey.  The idea of folding the pages of a sketchbook seemed a good way to create various sized panels that would cast different tones of grey shadows from the surrounding light.

From this base I drew the orange connecting lines and in the third and final version I took the orange colour onto the edge of the paper to create the lines and to allow the line to be randomly formed by the folds.

Lastly, I added a blue pastel colour to the  paper near to the spine of the sketchbook to bring the blue in the original print into my work. The result is a kind of blue glow that is quietly emitted as you walk around the sketchbook.


Semi-abstract composition with geometric patterns over moon-like sphere. 1963 Colour lithograph, printed in grey, pale blue and orange

It was a great experience to be in the Drawng room and fascinating to see original works by the masters.