Unframed Exhibition: 7th – 14th September 2017

Unframed was an exhibition that ran alongside the MA Drawing degree show  in the MFA room.  All the work shown came out of a visit to the British Museum where we spent a day drawing a previously selected work of art from the British Museum archive.

I chose a drawing by Lynn Chadwick. Saluting the Alabama moon was in response to his drawing, Moon in Alabama.

I wanted to find a way to re-create the look of the faceted panels within the globe and the different shades of grey.  The idea of folding the pages of a sketchbook seemed a good way to create various sized panels that would cast different tones of grey shadow from the surrounding light and adding orange to the edges of the paper allowed the lines to be both fine and randomly created. Turning it into a ‘person’ was a result of the sketchbook looking like a globe or head and the resulting search for a ‘body’ ended with what you see above.


See British Museum under documentation.